Megan Thorne

Beginning her artistic career as a fashion designer of fine lingerie, Megan Thorne has an eye for delicate and feminine creation. Her love of lace, textile and unique patterns translate into beautiful one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Megan’s style is timeless with a vintage flare making the wearer stand-out in any crowd.

Megan’s jewelry is hand-crafted from recycled 18K gold and ethically sourced gemstones to add sparkle to each exceptional piece. Each item begins with focus on a main gemstone followed by great attention to detail to generate a modern heirloom. The artwork created exhibits a matte finish and unique appearance sure to begin a conversation. Megan collaborates with several other artists at her studio in Fort Worth, Texas aiming to give an individual and personal expression to all of her designs.


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