Sergio Lub

Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russian descent, born in Argentina in 1953. An avid researcher, he explored every continent to learn his craft.  From the Andes to the Himalayas, the Sahara to the Amazon, Sergio met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metalworking techniques, and shared their inherent beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality.  Sergio respectfully preserves these cultural traditions by incorporating them in the design and creation of his jewelry. Sergio’s son, Nikolas, and daughter Sonia inherited their father’s love for copper, and continue their family tradition of creating jewelry together in their Napa Valley studios in, California.

Each  Magnetic Bracelet contains two powerful Rare Earth Magnets; one at each end, positioned to be worn over the wrist’s pressure points.

Primary Metals
   Copper – 99.99% Pure Copper (Rose)
   Jewelers’ Brass – 85% Copper (Golden)
   German Silver – 65% Copper (Silver)

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