Shelli Kahl

My jewelry is representative of the way I live my life…free spirited, passionate and uninhibited by the boundaries set by others. As with my life, there is an overall plan for each piece…but I’m not concerned with exact details of how to arrive at the finished product. I understand that goals can change, and I welcome the natural twists and turns that both life and my jewelry take as they arrive at the next finish line. I learned along the way that I wasn’t molded in the same fashion as most and am happy to present an art form that is as non-traditional as myself. The untamable texture in my jewelry is akin to the trials and tribulations of my life…which are exactly what gives it the unmistakable personality and beauty that is truly mine. ~Shelli Kahl

What’s That Texture?

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Reticulation is a torch-created texture which is achieved by repeated of heating and cooling of sterling silver sheet metal. During this process, much of the copper alloy is burned away from the surface…leaving a lower melting temperature inside the sheet. This differential allows for melting the inner layer without breaking the surface tension and thus creating amazing ripple-like textures on the surface.


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