Geoffrey Roth

Geoffrey Roth is an admirer of fine American handcrafted work. For over 42 years this has served as the catalyst for his creative endeavors, taking him from prominent gallery owner to luxury watchmaker.

In 1974 Geoffrey opened Geoffrey Roth Ltd, a premier gallery in Sedona, Arizona, representing award-winning jewelry designers and sculptors. As Geoffrey established his presence in the art world, he developed a growing interest in high quality timepieces, making numerous visits to the prestigious European Clock, Watch and Jewelry Fair in Basel, Switzerland.

In 1998 Geoffrey realized it was time to take the next step and set out to create his very first watch, which took more than two years to finish due to outsourced components. His earliest watches, created in stainless steel and 18k gold, were so well received that Roth became motivated to take the majority of his manufacturing in house.

Today Geoffrey uses exquisite materials, precision tools, and CNC machining to ensure his watches can be made precisely to his design and standards. He operates between studios in Sedona and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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We’re so fortunate to have Geoffrey Roth here in McCall part of the year. He loves explain the process of design and what goes into making a timepiece.  Make an appointment today and create a custom watch! 


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